Your feedback as open source licenses expert/user about OSLiFe-DiSC tool

Sihem Ben Sassi

Dear all,

A step forward to automate license processing is to characterize legal terms dealt with by licenses and describe licenses accordingly in order to reach a standardized model.

To that end, we developed the OSLiFe-DiSC tool ( -- please refresh the page if an error is displayed--) based on an open source licenses feature model. It allows (1) discovering licenses features (i.e. description according to the model), (2) selecting licenses satisfying desired features, and (3) comparing two licenses. A 8 minutes video demo ( shows the OSLiFe-DiSC functionalities.

I would ask you, as licenses expert and/or user, to try the tool and give your feedback by filling the questionnaire accessible through the peach colored button inside the OSLiFe-DiSC tool, or directly through

If needed, you may see the manuscript available at for more information about extracted legal terms represented by the features of the licenses model.

Your feedback is very appreciated and needed.

Best Regards,

Sihem Ben Sassi
PhD, HDR in computer sciences