Web Site Refresh

Kim Weins

Hi All

As you may know, we are in the middle of moving over our SPDX website to a new structure.  We are ready to start moving, editing and creating content.  I’ve attached a pdf explaining how to do that.

Below is a list of the volunteers so far.  Notice that there are some items without volunteers that I have assigned to a particular team.  The teams should coordinate to make sure that their sections get done.

You can start working on your new content now.  Keep in mind that the current site is live, so make sure you are changing the new site (as described in the instructions in the attached document).  The DEADLINE FOR MOVING CONTENT is Feb 15.

If you need help, please contact the web team or me.  The web team is Pierre, Steve Cropper and Martin and their emails are cc’d above.


  • About SPDX
    • Background -- Phil O
    • Membership - Jack Manbeck
    • How to Participate - Jack Manbeck
    • Roles & Responsibilities - Jack Manbeck
  • Documentation
    • Current Specification – Tech team
      • Examples – Tech team
      • License List – Tech team or Jilayne
      • Usage Guidelines and FAQs – Mark Gisi
      • Vocabulary – Tech team
      • RDF References – tech team
      • Proposals – Tech team
    • Archive Specs - Kate Stewart
    • Whitepapers/Tutorials/Other Content - Kim
    • Beta Collateral - Kim
    • Launch Collateral – Kim
    • VOD’s and Webinar
  • WorkGroups
    • General - Phil O
    • Technical – Tech team
    • Legal – Legal team
    • Business - Kim
    • Website Refresh - Web Team
  • Calendar - ?
  • Blogs & Discussion - ?
  • Finding your way around this site
  • Current Activities - Kim
    • Beta Test  Kim
    • SPDX Launch - Kim
  • Tools -- Gary