updated draft: 20120822a now available.


Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and bugs. :)

The bugzilla bugs with the spec itself, targetted to 1.1, are now all resolved, and written comments provided so far by email have been addressed to the best of my knowledge.

New version of the .doc and .pdf has been uploaded to

Current version is:

Please let me know if I've overlooked some comment.

Thanks, Kate

Fixes included:
- Bug 1039 - Wrong cross-reference in 4.12.2
- Bug 1043 - Inconsistency between concluded and declared licenses
- Bug 1044 - Example is wrong in 4.13 Comments on Licence
- Bug 1045 - Spelling error in Review Comments
- Marc-Etienne Vargenau, Scott Lamons, Pierre Lapointe added to thank you list
- Page 7: Section 1.7.2 correct the typo 201w -> 2012 - FIXED
- Page 8: Section 2 minor word smithing -> "that enables forward and backward compatibility for processing tools." - FIXED
- Page 9: Section 2.3.1 missing "." - FIXED
- Page 13: Section 4.1.6 -RDF/XML example value should be: glibc (not glibc 2.11.1). That is, it should be the same as the Tag example. -FIXED
- Page 14: Section 4.3.6 -RDF/XML example value should be: glibc-2.11.1.tar.gz (not glibc 2.11.1). That is, it should be the same as the Tag example. - FIXED
Page 15: Section 4.5.1 - FSF -> spell out to be Free Software Foundation -FIXED
Page 16: Section 4.7.2 - word smithing " It also permits one to embedded the SPDX file within..." - FIXED

After Marc-Etienne called my attention to the overlooked bugs, I did a wider search and:
Bug 979 - SPDX licenses are disconnected from other published versions of the license - FIXED (by section 5.4)
Bug 1016 - Publish description of structure and usage of license list
- FIXED (by License Class in RDF in Appendix II and http://www.spdx.org/content/spdx-license-list)
Bug 1018 - Proposal to add comments to all concrete classes - FIXED
(2.3, 3.3, 5.5, 6.11. 7.3 in spec)
Bug 1037 - Standard license properties are documented in RDF but not in the spec- FIXED (see class:License in Appendix II)

More info needed:
- Page 5: Section 1.3 minor word smithing - not spotting this change in the version attached to email feedback.