UNO Fossology+SPDX team introduction

Sam Adams <dabomb322002@...>

Hello SPDX Members,


We are a team working on SPDX tooling at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. We are currently working on projects to: 1) provide SPDX generation capabilities to FOSSology through a FOSSology+SPDX module and to 2) create an SPDX dashboard that consumes and analyzes existing SPDX documents. Our Github organization can be found at:, with a repository dedicated to each effort. 


In each repository, we have use cases for both the FOSSology+SPDX module and the SPDX dashboard and welcome any feedback to enhance our current use cases or create new ones. These can be found at:



SPDX Dashboard 


You can also find the work allocation plans for both projects at:



SPDX Dashboard:


By Wednesday, March 6, we plan on having the file level editing capability of the FOSSology+SPDX module completed. ByFriday, March 20, we plan on having the initial SPDX dashboard functionality done, specifically an SPDX repository with SPDX commenting capability. An initial schema of the SPDX dashboard can be found at:


If you want to comment on any portion of our project or have any questions, please let us know. Thanks for your time.



Sam Adams

Scott Humlicek

Jake Cloyd

Mike Santo        

Liang Cao

Matt Germonprez