Thursday's SPDX General Meeting/ Google Summer of Code Presentations

Phil Odence

This week’s meeting with feature two GSoC presentations. Note I have a conflict so Gary will host.


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                New License Matching Library

During my presentation, I will show a demo of a new license matching library, followed by a short talk on implementation summary. In the latter part, I would like to talk about the difficulties and issues I faced.Since my final goal is to deliver something we can call a reference implementation of SPDX license matching, I want to hear your feedback and improve the library from them!

I am Mikihito Matsuura (@m1kit), a master course student at the University of Tokyo.

I was looking for an interesting GSoC project this March. During project hunting, I saw an open-source organization looking for a good license matching library. Later I realized SPDX is also recruiting a GSoC student and contacted people here a few days before the deadline. I'm excited to be able to work with this community as a part of GSoC despite the late contact!


Validate and Generate multiple representations of specifications

This project is related to the tooling of SPDX specification, specification which is being collaboratively produced. The aim of this project is to build a program that can be used to validate and convert Structured input to the pretty markdowns for documentation purposes and also generate Specification Representation. The end goal of this project is to make it run as Github action for the SPDX specification.
Hey all, I am Nirmal Suthar, a final year undergraduate student, studying at IIT Kanpur, India. 

This is my second time participating in GSoC and working under open-source organization is always filled with a lot of learning.





Meeting Time: Thurs, Aug 5, 8am PT / 10 am CT / 11am ET / 15:00 UTC.

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Administrative Agenda


Minutes Approval


Technical Team Report – Kate/Gary/Others

  • Specification and Profiles


Technical Team Report – Kate/Gary/Others

  • Specification and Profiles
    • Overview
    • Core
    • Legal
    • Integrity
    • Defects
    • Usage and Other Emerging
  • Tooling


Legal Team Report – Jilayne/Paul/Steve


Outreach/Website Team Report – Jack