The SPDX chatroom is now on Libera.Chat; please feel free to join!

Sebastian Crane

Dear all,

I bring good news: with the approval of the Libera.Chat staff, the #spdx
IRC channel is now registered! This should be a great place to help
introduce newcomers to the SPDX project, as well as to discuss Software
Bill of Materials-related topics with existing adopters and working
group members.

Philippe Ombredanne (pombreda) and I (seabass) are 'operators' of the
channel, thus able to change its settings if this is required.

If you are already familiar with IRC and have a client installed, you
can just join #spdx on

As another option, you can join with Libera.Chat's web interface (no
need to enter a password) at:

Finally, you can join via your Matrix account. Our channel's Matrix
address is:

Of the three options above, only Matrix allows you to see chat history
from when you aren't connected, so this may be the best way to join if
you are already used to other instant messaging apps. However, you do
need to sign up for an account on a 'homeserver' - here's the flagship

Please let me know if there's any trouble in joining the channel with
any of the methods above; I'll do my best to help you get connected :)
Looking forward to chatting with you on #spdx!

Best wishes,

Sebastian Crane