SPDX website updates

Steve Winslow

Hello SPDX community,

This is a follow-up from discussions on several of the SPDX general meetings and workgroup calls over the past couple of months. The TL;DR version is:
More details are below for those who are interested. Thank you to everyone who was involved in assisting with the changeover.


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The SPDX static website has previously been hosted on Drupal servers at https://spdx.org. This URL has also been used for hosting the files that are dynamically generated for the license list (https://spdx.org/licenses) and the RDF spec definition files (https://spdx.org/rdf/terms and other files under /rdf).

The Drupal servers have been planned for decommission, and we have migrated the static website content over to Wordpress. Originally, we had explored whether both the static and dynamically-generated content could all remain at its existing URLs. However, this did not appear to be reasonably doable without shifting the dynamic license list and RDF content to separate subdomains. Because SPDX has committed to maintaining the existing URLs for those files, we did not want to take this approach.

Instead, as mentioned above, the static content for the website has been shifted over to a new domain, https://spdx.dev. We have created redirects from the old spdx.org URLs over to the new corresponding pages at spdx.dev. Because of this, URLs that you've bookmarked for the static site should still get you to the right content. And URLs that you've bookmarked for the license list and RDF definition files will remain the same, as those are continuing to be hosted from spdx.org.

You'll see that the content at the new https://spdx.dev site is largely identical to the old site, although we have done some reorganization of the top-level links to make the menu bar a bit more usable. Now that the site transition is completed, we are looking to make more updates to some of the content that has grown stale over time. If you have suggestions or content you'd like to add or update, or if you see bugs or errors on the website, please feel free to file an issue at https://github.com/spdx/spdx-website/issues -- for the moment that is probably the easiest way to flag issues.

Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation