SPDX Reminder about Thursday General Meeting with special guest star!

Philip Odence

Special “guest" speaker this month is Camille Moulin, from Inno3, a French open source consultancy. 
Camille will go through an abbreviated version of a talk he did at FOSDEM about SPDX and dependency managers:
Handling of licensing information in dependency managers (NPM, Composer et alii): how they can benefit from SPDX licence list and license expressions, and how they can be used as a simple application case to project SPDX licence expression future evolutions. 
Please let me know if you would be willing to give a 10 minute presentation in a future call on your organization’s use of SPDX or some other SPDX-related topic.


Meeting Time: Thurs, March 3, 8am PDT / 10 am CDT / 11am EDT / 15:00 UTC. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Conf call dial-in:
Optional dial in number: 877-297-7470
Alternate number: 512-910-4433
No PIN needed

Administrative Agenda

Special Presentation – Camille 

Technical Team Report – Kate 

Legal Team Report – Jilayne

Business Team Report – Jack

Cross Functional Issues - Phil

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