SPDX Oct General Meeting Minutes

Phil Odence



General Meeting/Minutes/2019-10-03

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·         Attendance: 10

·         Lead by Kate Stewart

·         Minutes of Sept. meeting approved 




·         1 Legal Team – Steve

·         2 Tech Team Report - Kate

·         3 Outreach Team Report - Jack

·         4 Cross Functional

·         5 Attendees

Legal Team – Steve

·         Working on the next release – 3.7

·         Looking for volunteers to put together the XML and test files

·         Targeting next week

·         Small release

·         Trend – licenses that don’t strictly follow the open source definition (e.g. source available but some proprietary restrictions)

·         Discussion on whether these should be included and update the license inclusion principles – more information available at https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML/issues/925

·         Looking to make a decision early in the 3.8 release

Tech Team Report - Kate

·         SPDX Lite

·         Changes are added as a pull request and will likely be accepted soon

·         Security fields to be added in 2.2

·         Working with Uday on a Google Doc which will be turned into a pull request

·         Coordinating with Todo group and others

·         Looking at adjusting the minimum required fields to allow for security use cases without all the licensing

·         General support for reducing the number of mandatory fields

·         Steve will bring to the legal team the discussion on removing the of the mandatory legal related fields

·         GSoC – completed, all students passed

·         SPDX Tool updates which include the GSoC contributions are all checked in

·         Plan to update the spdxtools website within the next 2 weeks

·         Amazon will start using the namespace features soon

·         Request to add specification for the namespace

·         Mark agreed and will create a pull request

·         The license ID web page can also be updated

Outreach Team Report - Jack

·         Survey

·         Working on summarizing the survey results

Cross Functional

·         Several compliance and SPDX related talks planned for the Open Source Summit Europe in Lyon at the end of the month


·         Steve Winslow, LF

·         Gary O’Neall, SourceAuditor

·         Jack Manbeck, TI

·         Mark Atwood, Amazon

·         Paul Madick, Dimension Data

·         Nisha Kumar, VMWare

·         Rose Judge, VMWare

·         Matija Šuklje

·         William Bartholomew, Github

·         Dave McLoghlin, Rogue Wave