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I think that some of the confusion about email lists is due to the fact that we "deprecated" spdx@... some time past and switched to using list-name@... format.  I don't recall the date of the change, but you should be able sign up for any or all of these existing lists from the SPDX Participation pages at http://spdx.org/wiki/spdx/participation-guidelines.

There are four current email lists:

General -  spdx@...
Business - spdx-biz@...
Legal - spdx-legal@...
Technical - spdx-tech@...

These mailing lists were defined by "team" not by topic, but we do have many cross-team topics like governance so this may be a good time to consider additional mailing lists for some key topics since we are often posting items to three or four lists at a time.  I will raise this point at our next General conference call on Thursday June 28 (8AM Pacfiic). The call-in details are:

Conf call dial-in:
Conference code:  7812589502
Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada):  (877) 435-0230
International dial-in number: (253) 336-6732
For those dialing in from other regions, a list of toll free numbers can be found: 

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