SPDX License Review Meeting: Part 2

Kim Weins

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM November 19, 2010
Location: See dial in infi below

US  866-740-1260
Int'l  http://www.readytalk.com/support/international-numbers.php

ID 2404502

Web Meeting
ID 2404502

We will finish addressing license list issues.

Python licenses
-         currently we have just the two OSI approved licenses, using the
OSI long titles for the licenses – Tom I found some other versions, but the
naming is a bit inconsistent (in terms of what they are referred to in the
field, Tom’s email included some practical clarification on this in terms of
matching the license to the software version)
-         do we need to add others?  If so, which ones and how to name?

older license versions that are missing:
-         we don’t have EUPL v1.0, MPL v1.0, NPL v1.0, other OSL versions,
AFL, etc.

license-specific issues:
-         X.Net License à this is really an LGPL notice + special exception
- should we have it as a separate license?
-         Zlib/libpng License à note: this is the zlib license, but OSI
calls it the zlib/libpng license.  Yet there is a different license for
libpng:  see http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/src/libpng-LICENSE.txt