SPDX License List overview page

Jilayne Lovejoy <jilayne.lovejoy@...>

Hello all,

The SPDX Legal Team has been working on updating and improving the SPDX License List overview page, with the inclusion of some newly drafted guidelines on what criteria is considered for new licenses to be added to the License List.  We have gone over the text amongst the Legal Team, but felt it was important enough to get final approval from the general list.  Discussions concerning this have occurred during the Legal Team conference calls over the last couple months, so please refer to the minutes if you missed that or are interested in the evolution, in particular the notes from 10/31 and 11/13 found here: http://spdx.org/wiki/spdx/legal/minutes and 2/14 and 2/28 found here: http://spdx.org/wiki/meeting-minutes-and-decisions-legal-team

Please review and if you have any substantive feedback, send it via email or bring up on the next general call on April 4th.  We will finalize the draft on the next legal call on Thursday, April 11th, so any feedback needs to be received before then.


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