SPDX License List inclusion principles and 3.9 release

Steve Winslow

Hello all,

Following from Jilayne's email earlier this month, the legal team has now finalized and posted the update to the license inclusion principles for the SPDX License List. The updated principles can be found at:

As a result of the update, we will be shifting the date for the next release of the License List (version 3.9) from the end of March to the end of April. This will provide a window for recent submissions -- as well as the backlog of older submissions that relate to this update -- to be considered for inclusion under the new guidelines for the next release.

I would encourage folks to review the open issues that are listed for consideration in 3.9, and to weigh in with comments on whether they should be added under the updated guidelines. You can see the issues tagged for 3.9 at:

Even if you aren't familiar enough with the License List's XML format to create XML files for actually adding licenses, input is welcome on the baseline question of whether or not the submitted licenses are appropriate to add to the list.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Best,

Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation