SPDX - License List Discussion (special topic call on 9/24 at 11MT/12CT/13ET, )



Following up from last week and from SPDX call today,
we'll be having a special topic call tomorrow on the licenses.

Here's the dial in information for the call tomorrow:

US 866-740-1260
Look up int'l toll free numbers at

ID 2404502

Web meeting
Join meeting with ID 2404502

Embedded below is the agenda, and notes from the previous call.
If I've missed something, please feel free to bring it up by email or on the call tomorrow.

Look for some pointers to web sites to be mailed out before the call.

Thanks, Kate

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Subject: Reminder: License Focus Call at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) for 30 minutes
To: spdx@...

see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/TomCallaway/SPDX_License_List

1) discuss how we want summary table structured - see
proposals in link above,  any others?
approach propose by Callaway was felt reasonable.
We'll go with the embedded version in the name varient for now, and adjust later unless someone feels very strongly.

2) check there is concensus on the 1 page per license on
SPDX approach,  if not, who has alternate proposals.
seems to be ok, but revisit after RDF figured out a bit more to make sure can handle. Discuss with wider audience a bit.

3) volunteers to help with pulling the license list
together in form above (based on what's in Appendix I today,
and mail list input)?   Then translate into
the forms decided above. 

(we may want to defer the following until wider audience
has chance to participate)

4) logistics - process for accepting new license into
list,  pre 1.0 freeze, and then post.

5) what to carry in the SPDX spec,  and what to carry
on the web site?

anything else to add?