SPDX June General Meeting Minutes

Philip Odence

General Meeting/Minutes/2017-06-01

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  • Attendance: 9
  • Lead by Phil Odence
  • Minutes of May meeting approved 




Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary[edit]

  • Good progress on getting spec to GitHub
    • Should have a new version within the next month
    • Will be adapting processes to new source
  • Substantively working though list of items for next release
    • Still up in the air whether we will go to a 2.2 or directly to 3.0
      • Need to resolve by Aug
      • 2.2 candidates- clean up appendices for license list work, a few additional fields
    • 3.0 will imply compatibility issues
    • Timeframe depends on above, but likely 2018 in any case
  • Summer of Code
    • A number of students have started
    • Participation in Tech Calls
    • One just starting to commit to GitHub
  • Tooling
    • Moving apace
  • News- Someone from IBM reported at OSCON that they are using SPDX short identifiers internally

Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul[edit]

  • Lots of activity
  • XML work still underway; Gary supporting with tooling
  • Other large threads
    • Discussion about how to deal with licenses that have been translated
      • There is a default policy with which we’ve been consistent
      • Re-looking into this in light of new XML stuff and need for automated matching
      • JL started a Wiki page to pull together all the proposals
    • Kate/JL reached out to FSF
      • For rallying support
      • Issue: how we represent license and “or later” with the syntax sometimes goes unnoticed
        • Perhaps recasting as a separate v2 only license is a better way to handle
        • But there are implications we need to think through


Outreach Team Report[edit]

  • Basically we are still working on a proposal for how to allow tools to get a badge or certification for working with SPDX documents 
  • and an umbrella project  for Github for all of our projects out there.
  • Kate- also looking to create an archive of past projects which are no longer active
  • Backoff at LinuxCon Europe (October in Prague) is likely.
    • Working on test suite to be available for this.



  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Paul Madick, Dimension Data
  • Michael Herzog- nexB
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, ARM
  • Kate Steward, Linux Foundation
  • Bradlee Edmondson, Harvard
  • Gary O’Neall, SourceAuditor
  • Alexios Zavras, Intel
  • Mike Dolan, Linux Foundation