SPDX December General Meeting Minutes

Phil Odence

Happy Holidays, All. See you in 2021!




General Meeting/Minutes/2020-12-03

General Meeting‎ | Minutes

·         Attendance: 11

·         Lead by Phil Odence

·         Minutes of Nov meeting Approved




·         1 Tech Team Report - Gary

·         2 Legal Team Report - Paul/Jilayne/Steve

·         3 Outreach Team Report

·         4 Attendees

Tech Team Report - Gary[edit]

·         Spec

·         Nov, busy month

·         Mostly working on Base Model

·         Working on Relationships

·         Between, for example, files, packages, etc

·         Exploring verification methods, digital signatures, etc

·         Supporting Contains

·         This should clear the way to get more work done on the other profiles

·         Process work too

·         Hoping enough is in place after next meeting to remove blockers

·         Tools

·         New release of online tools is up

·         Quite significant

·         Much new functionality

·         As such, there will likely be issues

·         Report in GitHub or emailing Gary

·         There was a character encoding issues that was quickly resolved

·         New license list generator has improved the LL

·         Good work/improvements on Go libraries

·         THANKS, Rishabh

Legal Team Report - Paul/Jilayne/Steve[edit]

·         Main Nov work 3.11 License release

·         A little smaller than previous was

·         3.12 discussions starting today

·         Aiming for end of Jan

·         Dealing with a little backlog of new requests

·         Could use help, as usual

·         Documentation/Website

·         Core team has been overhauling

·         Updating License List page

·         Including moving to GitHub

Outreach Team Report[edit]

·         Aveek’s ideas for increasing SPDX Participation

·         Started discussing last meeting

·         Rough plan

·         Approach student communities at different schools

·         Give assignments to students or onboarding

·         e.g. Open Printing has a generic, easy, but comprehensive assignment defined

·         May need different ones for different technologies

·         Single point of contact to guide students

·         Perhaps students from previous years

·         Identify basic issues to assign

·         Encourage participation in GSOC and LFMP

·         Encourage previous students to mentor

·         Organize Virtual Meetups

·         From student groups in schools

·         Also has the idea of talking to other projects about benefits

·         Will start with Open Printing


·         Phil Odence, Black Duck/Synopsys

·         David Wheeler, Linux Foundation

·         Rishabh Bhatnagar, St Francis Inst Tech

·         Aveek Basu, NextMark Printers

·         Steve Winslow, LF

·         Jilayne Lovejoy, Canonical

·         Mark Atwood, Amazon

·         Paul Madick

·         Mike Dolan, Linux Foundation

·         Jim Hutchison, Qualcomm

·         Rose Judge, VMware