SPDX Aug General Meeting Minutes

Phil Odence



General Meeting/Minutes/2019-08-01

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·         Attendance: 11

·         Lead by Phil Odence

·         Minutes of July meeting approved 




·         1 Special Presentations - Umang Taneja, Tanjong Smith, GSoC

·         2 Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary

·         3 Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul/Steve

·         4 Outreach Team Report - Kate

·         5 Cross Functional -

·         6 Attendees

Special Presentations - Umang Taneja, Tanjong Smith, GSoC[edit]

·         Umang

·         License submittal workflow automation

·         Aim is to enhance user experience

·         Compare submitted text against existing licenses to see if there’s duplication or close match

·         Problems he’s trying address

·         What if the license is on the list, proposed, rejected…or a close match to one of those

·         Current XML formatting- word-wrap doesn’t match license

·         Also creating/documenting an API

·         Tasks:

·         Create API- use without logging in, so can be accessed by other tools

·         Create License Matcher- looks for exact and close matches

·         Returns all matches and close matches

·         Compare with not accepted as well as rejected licenses. 

·         Reports appropriately according to match

·         Relies on user input regarding whether to go ahead with submittal

·         Improve formatting of generated license

·         Screenshots available at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NMcLZVXxBV2PZobPJh1OugbCfC2d8kbAOX4m4TauEYk/edit?usp=sharing

·         Some discussion of how the workflow should work with close matches

·         Aiming for demo in future Legal Team meeting

·         Tanjong

·         License namespace

·         A way to name valid licenses outside of the License List

·         Created namespace and UI

·         Also a mechanism for turning into a license request

·         Took feedback from the joint/legal team meeting

Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary[edit]

·         Spec

·         Progress on Appendix for including other fields in the source like the license ID

·         Keeping scope at file level

·         Tags with SPDX prefix

·         Allows to make it easier for tools to pick up.

·         Source file analysis

·         Philip demoed

·         Heavy testing mode

·         Tools

·         GSoC

·         Continues to go very well

·         All students passed second evaluation

·         Looking for feedback from community:

·         License matching algorithm approaches

·         Some encoded rules

·         Some depended on XML markup

·         Should we encode in XML or handle programmatically? (Discuss with Gary)

Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul/Steve[edit]

·         License List

·         3.6 version went out last month

·         Working issues in 3.7

·         Good input/support from Tech Team

·         Recent meetings have been joint with Tech Team

·         Very helpful at this point


Outreach Team Report - Kate[edit]

·         Shane has readied the survey

Cross Functional -[edit]

·         None


·         Phil Odence, Black Duck/Synopsys

·         Matthew Crawford, ARM

·         Umang Taneja, GSoC

·         Tanjong Smith, GSoC

·         Steve Winslow, LF

·         Gary O’Neall, SourceAuditor

·         Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation

·         Paul Madick, Dimension Data

·         Mark Atwood, Amazon

·         Jilayne Lovejoy, Canonical

·         Jack Manbeck, TI