SPDX 2.0 Use Cases

Ed Warnicke <eaw@...>

Over in spdx-tech this week, we started making use cases more precise and specific for 
SPDX 2.0:

Some of the 1.0 ones needs to be refreshed, and there may be other ones
available to fill in the details - for instance, auditors.  

A standardize template has been proposed,  and the others need to be
filled out in that manner, so we can have this consistent for analysis.
An example of that template is here:

A structured framework has been put together - we discussed additonal use
cases to be added to the Wiki.  Some are specific missing use cases were
added and folks signed up to flesh out (ideally with the template).

If the folks from the other teams would kindly:
1)  Help us to fill in any missing use cases
2)  Sign up to flesh out some of the use cases (we've got names in [ ] after use cases).