Seeking public comments for the OpenChain Specification version 2.0

Mark Gisi

We are seeking public comments for the next version of OpenChain Specification.


For those new to the OpenChain Specification  - The OpenChain project developed a specification that defines a core set of requirements that a high quality Open Source Compliance program is expected to satisfy.  Although specification provides a minimum set of “must have” requirements, a great deal of flexibility is given on how an organization can implement them.


We have recently completed the last round of feedback from the OpenChain community and the spec draft is now being circulated more broadly for public comments which concludes on March 22nd. The current draft is available at:  

past readers of the spec might find the marked up version useful:       

A high level summary of the changes made over the current version (1.2) can be found on page 3.


You can send feedback via:

·       the Mailing list: Openchain-specification@...;

·       the issues wiki:; or

·       replying to me directly if you wish to remain anonymous (mark.gisi@...)


To obtain a better understanding of the goals and the context in which the Specification was developed before providing feedback, you can review the following FAQ list:



We look forward to your feedback.





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