Reminder: Thursday SPDX General Meeting with (yet another) Special Guest Star

Philip Odence

Special Presentation: Kris Reeves will be sharing a boiled down version of the presentation he did at the Collab Summit: 
One of the challenges in open source license compliance is just identifying which licenses are present in the source code. SPDX has created a set of matching guidelines and a license template syntax to help tools match text against the SPDX license list. Kris Reeves will share his practical experience using the SPDX license list for identifying licenses in node.js and how it has led to improvements both in the SPDX license list and making the SPDX license list more accessible for contributors. We will discuss how you can review and make contributions to the SPDX license matching syntax. We will also discuss how you can use the SPDX license list in your own software tools using some of the new formats available on
Kris writes code for a living and plays Tetris, usually in that order.


Meeting Time: Thurs, April 7, 8am PDT / 10 am CDT / 11am EDT / 15:00 UTC.

Conf call dial-in:
Optional dial in number: 877-297-7470
Alternate number: 512-910-4433
No PIN needed

Administrative Agenda

Special Presentation – Kris 

Technical Team Report – Kate 

Legal Team Report – Jilayne

Business Team Report – Jack

Cross Functional Issues - Phil