OpenChain Recap - Week of 22nd October - Open Source Summit Europe

Shane Coughlan <coughlan@...>

It was a huge week last week. Quick recap of the major items below.
tl;dr - Toshiba is a Platinum Member, SUSE is OpenChain Conformant, Sony and Fujitsu shared knowledge

We had two slide decks shared via the OpenChain Workshop (see bottom of mail). These boil down to two data points:
(1) Fujitsu is actively using SPDX and wants to work with everyone else using this standard for describing information in software packages.
(2) Sony has identified that it is important to include Sales/Marketing in the discussions around OpenChain and open source compliance. This builds on prior identification of the importance of making sure Procurement can understand OpenChain.

For (1), I am going to hand over to Kate and the team at SPDX to discuss collaboration with Ueba San at Fujitsu. All in CC.

For (2), we have a clear understanding that we need to formulate onboarding/introduction material for:
(i) Procurement
(ii) Sales/Marketing
Nathan (chair of onboarding), would it make sense for us to open a couple of Google Docs to collaborate on this?

== Big News ==

Toshiba Joins the OpenChain Project as a Platinum Member:
“OpenChain is not just a project for OSS license compliance, it also helps to improve mutual trust and effective communication between open source developers and users,” says Tetsuji Fukaya, Director of the Corporate Software Engineering and Technology Center of Toshiba Corporation. “Open source is publicly recognized as an essential part of digital transformation and widely used in numerous products. In order to use open source appropriately, we think that license compliance alone is not enough. Mutual trust between developers and users is also essential. OpenChain will be key to achieve both. For that reason, we feel proud of being part of the OpenChain Project.”

SUSE Joins the OpenChain Community of Conformance:
“For more than 25 years, SUSE has created and engaged with open source communities as a foundation for its enterprise solutions,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE CTO. “We always engage with the community to better meet customer needs, and our OpenChain certification is another indication to enterprises that we are committed to making their experience with open source software more reliable and cost effective.”

== OpenChain Workshop Contributions ==

Improvements in meta spdxscanner through FOSSology - Ueba San:

Two aspects for OpenChain BoF session - Ueda San:



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