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Hi All,


I have uploaded a new version of the License List (v1.3) in spreadsheet format to the Wiki page, as well as accompanying guidelines document (remaining outstanding questions highlighted in yellow there).  As per last week’s license meeting, I made the following changes:

  1. fix header for “GPL v3 only”
  2. add “GPL v3 or later”
  3. added GPL exceptions (see list below with) 
    1. I did not add headers for these.  Sometimes the header has the exception and sometimes it is located at the bottom of the license (or both), so it didn’t seem like there is an “official header” in this situation, unless we just use the standard GPL headers.
    2. I have hidden the “exceptions” column for now in the spreadsheet.  Now that we are adding each exception as a separate line item, this field seemed NA – thoughts?
    3. We decided we would only list the “official” GPL exceptions.  I’m not sure we discussed what constitutes “official,” but the GNU website only lists 2 – Autoconf and GCC Runtime Library - (see on their website, yet I’m pretty sure that the others we mentioned on the call (Bison, Font, Classpath) should be included as well.  So, for going forward, we’ll need to determine some kind of protocol to decide a) what makes the cut for out list for exceptions and b) have we missed any?


Exceptions added:

- GPL v2 w/Autoconf exception – I could not find a link to this.  The GNU website only has the v3 exception, but there was one for v2.  I even tried downloading an old version of Autoconf and the COPYING.txt file (which is supposed to have the exception included in it…) did not have the exception.  Please check to see the text I did find is correct

- GPL v2 w/Bison exception

- GPL v2 w/Classpath exception

- GPL v2 w/GCC Runtime Library exception – I could not find a link to this.  GNU website only have v3 exception.  Please check if this text is correct…


- GPL v3 w/Autoconf exception

- GPL v3 w/GCC Runtime Library Exception – the GNU website has a v3.0 and v3.1 of this exception – the most recent one is included here.  I could not find


If there is another exception you want added, can you please email me the name of it and a url for where you found the text.




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