Minutes from January SPDX General Meeting

Philip Odence

Again, thanks to Bruno Grasset from Valeo for a great presentation.
Hope to see everyone at CollabSummit. Time to make your plans. 


General Meeting/Minutes/2015-01-08

  • Attendance: 6
  • Lead by Phil Odence
  • Minutes of December meeting approved

Cross Functional Issues – Phil[edit]

  • Great Presentation from Bruno Grasset
  • He opened and closed with thanks to everyone involved with SPDX for providing something so useful to the industry
    • Valeo
      • Supplier to Automotive Industry- Autonomous Cars, Connected Car, Intuitive Control
      • Middle of complex supply chain
    • Why they think SPDX is important
      • Industry is “likes” standards, procedures, rules
      • Have an explicit program to ensure respecting licenses and meeting obligations in all products
      • Bruno is in charge of OSS compliance
    • How they use
      • License List
        • Internal policy started with the SPDX list
        • They use the SPDX license IDs in all of their documents and databases (including promoting publicly)
        • And they check any licenses anyone supplies against our standard text
      • Document Spec
        • Prototyped use internally
        • Have been looking for hierarchy, so 2.0 is important; evaluating in 2015
    • Future Intent
      • Large OEMs (car companies) are starting to require
      • Customer requirements are making this a priority in 2015
      • Will need to require from their own suppliers
      • Integration with Yocto is critical
      • Aiming for chain of trust, based on SPDX
    • Questions
      • When you evaluated SPDX, any features beyond hierarchy that they require?
        • Not yet mature enough to completely evaluate
      • How did you hear of? How can we promote?
        • LinuxCon Europe session- Bruno came then promoted internally. 
        • He expects that in his space that SPDX will catch on quickly because of car makers requirements
      • SPDX and Yocto- Is there only interest in Yocto integration or more general integration?
        • Broader interest in integrating into process

General Status - Phil[edit]

  • On track for 2.0 release at CollabSummit
  • Jack has been working hard to get a good agenda together
  • We will be sharing a room with OpenChain so that folks can participate in both
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck
  • Matt Germonprez, UNO
  • Scott Sterling, Palamida
  • Gary O’Neill, SourceA
  • Bruno Grasset, Valeo