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Hi Pierre,

I am moving the general SPDX list to BCC and sending this via the SPDX legal list, as that is the right place for this question! Also not - I have approved your message and copied you here so you will get the response, but you generally have to join the SPDX mailing list to post and receive message.

Looking at the license file for that project: Alternative A is indeed MIT and Alternative B is the Unlicense (

Thus, the SPDX license expression would be:  MIT OR Unlicense

FYI - you might want to install the license diff browser plugin to help you with these kinds of things - (also available for Firefox)

SPDX legal team co-lead

From: "Pierre Tardy" <tardyp@...>
Subject: Public Domain license identifier
Date: October 19, 2021 at 7:12:29 AM MDT


I am trying to identify this software in term of license expression

It's is claimed to be "public domain or MIT".
I don't see any license identifier for public domain. It is arguabily not a license, and not valid across jurisdictions, but anyway we would like to document the authors will even if we will conclude the use of MIT.

So what should we document in your opinion?