Marriage of SPDX, OpenChain and the Blockchain

Mark Gisi

In 2016 we explored how the benefits  of the Blockchain could be leveraged to assist with open source compliance across a complex manufacturing supply chain [1]. Our interest was sparked after witnessing a group of customers struggling to coordinate/consolidate open source compliance artifacts during the manufacturing of a consumer product.


In February 2017 we presented our findings and announced a new initiative at the Open Source Leadership Summit. The focus: Utilize SPDX + OpenChain + Hyperledger Sawtooth to solve the problem. We made the source code available in July 2017 under the Apache license:


Demo Oct 23-25th 2017 in Prague - We will demo the Software Parts Ledger and its support for a  Software Parts catalog this week at the Open Source Summit in Prague in the Intel booth (we hope you can stop by if you are around). The demo includes SPDX and OpenChain components.  It is schedule for Monday 8am-1pm, Tuesday 8am-1pm, Wednesday, 1pm-6pm.


We will be presenting the latest status of this initiative at the Open Source Compliance Summit in November in Yokohama, Japan:

    Utilizing Blockchain Across The Supply Chain

Asian manufacturers and suppliers have expressed above average interest in this approach.


This has been and still largely is a grass roots initiative – which is how all great things begin (including Linux J). The project is looking for contributors who  have a serious interest/pain/stake in solving the problem being addressed (especially product manufacturers and software supplier organizations).  The success of any supply chain Blockchain initiative will eventually require heavy involvement of the supply chain participants (e.g., to host ledger/Blockchain nodes, contribute requirements, code, documentation and so forth).  We are also looking for a neutral place/organization to host the project which will also be important an requirement for its success in the long term.


Reach out to me if you are interested or would like to learn more.








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