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Philip Odence


Sorry for the volume. In my earlier note, I provided the wrong link for the Biz Team work looking to be reviewed.
Use this one:

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The latest version of the Vision-Mission discussion is a wiki-page at http://spdx.org/wiki/spdx-vision-mission, not the PDF file which has a lot of other topics from my original slides. The current Vision-Mission wiki-page includes the latest edits from the Business Team and focuses on the charter/vision/mission points without digging into the next level of points about product management roles and the organization in general.  We probably need to work the discussion from the top down - agree on the Vision/Mission and whether our charter is to keep developing the spec or whether we expand to developing more software.

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On 5/31/2012 9:13 AM, Philip Odence wrote:

Please take the time to review Legal Team description and License List description as well as Mission/Vision work from Business Team. 

Attendance: 10

May 17 minutes approved

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • Finalizing work defining the team's mission purpose of License List that were published two weeks ago. Please comment now or hold your peace. Latest draft:
    • Legal Work Group description:

      "The SPDX Legal Team supports and provides recommendations to the SPDX working groups regarding licensing issues for the specification itself; maintains the SPDX License List; and promotes the SPDX specification to the legal community at-large."

       SPDX License List description:

      "The SPDX License List is a list of commonly found open source software licenses for the purposes of being able to easily and efficiently identify such licenses in an SPDX document. The SPDX License List includes a standardized short identifier, full name for each license, vetted license text, other basic information, and a canonical permanent URL. By providing a short identifier, users can efficiently refer to a license without having to redundantly reproduce the full license." 

  • Have been providing input to 1.1 spec to incorporate latest thinking on License List and to ensure consistent vocabulary.
  • Working to make sure new website content is up to date.
  • Turning attention back to matching guidelines. Aiming to reach closure with 1.1 release (about a month)

Business Team Report - Scott/Jack

  • Business Team is eager for feedback from other team's on Mission/Vision. Looking to come to closure in the next few weeks. Expectation is that this will help with prioritization of use cases for the 2.0 effort. Latest version (embedded in a set of slides): http://www.spdx.org/system/files/spdx_mission_review_may_2012_v2.pdf
  • Also, pulling together a description of Business Team's function. Scott has drafted and will be working on this in the next Business Team meeting.

Technical Team Report - Kate

  • 2.0 work
  • 1.1 work
    • Hoping to bring to closure in the next few weeks.
    • Near final draft to be posted next week, then open for two weeks of comment.

Cross Functional Issues – Phil

  • Website Update - Pierre
    • The effort has been rejuvinated. Content is moving to the new staging area. 
    • Web team is ready to flip the switch when content is set. No date set.
    • Pierre is confirming that Steve is prepared to move wholesale sections (past meeting minutes, License List, etc.)
  • LinuxCon Papers
    • Scott submitting 1.1 update proposal 
    • Gary has submitted a proposal for talking about the OSS tools


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck Software
  • Pierre LaPonte, nexB
  • Kate Stewart, Canonical
  • Michael Herzog, nexB
  • Scott Lamons, HP
  • Jack Manbeck, TI
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Chuck Gaudreau, Protecode
  • Gary O'Neall, SourceAuditor
  • Mark Gisi, WindRiver


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