Call for SPDX Presentations at the Linux Collaboration Summit

Philip Odence

Hello all,

If you have any interesting SPDX story to tell, even a short one, we would love to have you share it at the Collab Summit. 

The event is Feb 18-20 in Santa Rosa, California.   We have dedicated track and room for SPDX for the full length of the conference and are now putting together a rough agenda (that will include 1/2 day that we will share our brethren in the OpenChain group).  There will be a mix of introductory/high level and deeper topics, maybe of interest only to those actively involved in our work group.

We would love to hear about how companies are using or planning to use SPDX and/or the License List. Even if it’s only a 10 minute tale, we could put you on a panel to share. Or, if you have a topic that is deeper into the technical guts of SPDX, that would of great interest as well.

If you have any interest at all, please contact Jack and Mikael who are roughing out an agenda later this week.


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