Beyond copyright/licensing ?

Olivier Berger <olivier.berger@...>


(I'm new here, so pardon me if this is some kind of FAQ.)

The SPDX acronym looks quite general, and the charter doesn't seem to
limit itself to licensing/copyright matters.

However, looking at the material online, it seems to me that it is the
main area of development of SPDX.

Are there other matters on the work bench ? For instance, I'm working on
standardization of the interfaces of tools used by FLOSS developers, and
SPDX looks like a major stepping stone for fostering interoperability in
the development / QA process, just as it provides a clean reference for
identification of packages (licensing issues aside). Think about tracing
which distribution packages contain copies of a particular version of a
package that exhibits a bug, etc.

Is there a summary of the different other aspects SPDX will be
addressing, after 1.0, beyond licensing ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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