New Change Proposal process

J Lovejoy

Dear SPDX community,

As mentioned on a couple of the general calls some time ago, the Steering Committee has been working on a Change Proposal template and process to facilitate communication, prioritization, and decision-making as to what major changes the project will work on. 

As the community has grown, we want to ensure we have a way to discuss new ideas in a timely manner, decide on what will get implemented, and then follow-through on that plan. Many projects use a template for describing new ideas and proposals, which ensures everyone is clear on what is being proposed, why, and how it fits into the bigger picture. 

To this end a new GitHub repo has been created ( with a description of the process and a Change Proposal template.  Having a separate repo will provide a place for new ideas to start and make it easier to manage notifications. The intention is that this process will be used for more significant changes - not day-to-day activities or things already in flight. As to what changes use this process or not, we will refine guidance on that as needed. 

We also thought it’d be good for a Steering Committee member to lead by example and submit the first Change Proposal. To that end, Alexios has volunteered to do so!

Thanks to Vicky Brasseur and Ria Schalnat for their excellent help in drafting this and the Steering Committee for bringing it to fruition. 

(on behalf of SPDX Steering Committee)