Minutes from Nov 4 SPDX General Meeting

Phil Odence



General Meeting/Minutes/2021-11-04

General Meeting‎ | Minutes

·         Attendance: 25

·         Lead by Phil Odence

·         Minutes from last approved

·         Company membership mechanics will be rolled out within a couple weeks.




GSOC - Ujjwal[edit]

·         JSON Support for Golang libraries

Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary/Others[edit]


·         Tools 

·         no update

·         Specification

·         Spec version compatible with ISO, now available

·         Version 3

·         Most of the work is focused on the core model.  We’re making progress but still have a ways to go to settle on a good code the other profiles will be built on.

·         A new repo has been setup for the SPDX 3.0 spec since it will have a different way of generating the examples and spec and will also be under the new license as part of the new governance we put in place

·         We expect more activities on the profiles next month, especially security

·         Interest in the spec and tools continues to increase – we’re seeing some good signs of adoption from companies, other open source projects, and individuals (if you need more detail – SW360 is engaged in some issues conversations on the tools, the SPDX 2.1 spec issues has some new contributor)

Legal team update - Jilayne/Pau/Steve[edit]

·         FreeBSD will be adopting SPDX tags

·         Fedora is exploring as well

·         Conversations about adding better instructions on using Git to contribute to license repo


Outreach team - Sebastian[edit]

·         Processes

·         Transitioned to monthly meeting

·         Different ways of working in between under discussion

·         Wikipedia page updates

·         Adding history

·         Adding logos of companies and projects that are using



·         Phil Odence, Black Duck/Synopsys

·         Ujjwall Agarwal

·         Alexios Zavras, Intel

·         Eric Billingsley, Calculi

·         Jeff Schutt, Cisco

·         Sebastian Crane

·         Bob Martin, Mitre

·         Steve Winslow, Boston Technology Law

·         Christopher Lusk, Lenovo

·         David Edelsohn, IBM

·         Jilayne Lovejoy, Red Hat

·         Tony Aiuto

·         Karan Marjara, AWS

·         Joshua Marpet, RM-ISAO

·         Paul Madick, Jenzabar

·         Adrian Diglio, Microsoft

·         Alfredo Espinosa

·         Brad Goldring

·         Edgar

·         Joe

·         Vicky Brasseur, Wipro

·         Warner Losh, FreeBSD

·         Fellow Jitser

·         Aasim, Microsoft