Today's SPDX General Meeting Reminder

Phil Odence

Apologies for the late reminder.



  • For Euro folks, time diff is off by an hour as US doesn’t go back to standard time until this weekend
  • We will have a Google Summer of Code presentation on Json support for Golang libs





Meeting Time: Thurs, Nov 4, 8am PT / 10 am CT / 11am ET / 15:00 UTC.

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Administrative Agenda


Minutes Approval



  • JSON Support for Golang libraries
    After the introduction of Spdx Specifications v2.2 JSON, YAML, and a development version of XML have been added as supported file formats. However , the tools-golang package currently did not have the support to parse the spdx files nor had the support to save a spdx doc in JSON format .The main objective of this project is to add support in the tools-golang package so that it can parse as well as save SPDX® v2.2 files in JSON format . 
    Background : I am a passionate individual who always strives to work on end to end products which develop sustainable and scalable social and technical systems to create impact. 


Technical Team Report – Kate/Gary/Others

  • Specification and Profiles
    • Overview
    • Core
    • Legal
    • Integrity
    • Defects
    • Usage and Other Emerging
  • Tooling


Legal Team Report – Jilayne/Paul/Steve


Outreach/Website Team Report – Jack