SPDX License List version 3.5 now live

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

Version 3.5 of the SPDX License List is now released.  Most notably, we have added several open hardware licenses (CERN and TAPR), which I think is a really sensible and exciting addition, considering we already have open documentation and data licenses on the list. We are still missing the Solderpad licenses, but those are slated to be added for the 3.6 release. 

Highlights include:

- New licenses/exceptions added: 7
  1. JPNIC
  2. libpng-2.0
  3. HPND-sell-variant
  4. GPL-CC-1.0
  5. TAPR-OHL-1.0
  6. CERN-OHL-1.1
  7. CERN-OHL-1.2
- Addition of markup to various licenses and other minor updates
- Add page describing entire workflow for adding a new license in /DOCS directory