SPDX 2.1 Specification - please provide any final input before July 29, 2016

Kate Stewart

     The tech team is winding up the remaining minor changes, and has
declared the SPDX 2.1 specification ready for wider public review.
The review window will end on July 29th, and if there are no show stoppers,
we'll be releasing 2.1 after that. 

Highlights of this version are,  more expressive and accurate handling
of external references,   ability to accurately reference snippets and syntax
for embedding SPDX license list short identifiers in source files.

A .pdf version of the 2.1 draft version of the specification has been 
attached for your convenience.

What we're still working on:
- area's highlighted in yellow - some wording discussions ongoing.
- figuring out how to handle external references to debian (hope to settle it this week)
- update license list to 2.5 when its released.
- summary information.
- clean up some formatting weirdnesses in final document and moving it to git

How can you help?
- please read through the new sections on the .pdf or google document (see below) 
  and make sure they are understandable.
- please start implementing tools and let us know if we've overlooked something.

Any minor syntax, grammar, style etc. changes - please create a comment in the google document. 

If you spot a major flaw,   please open a bugzilla bug at: https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org under
project SPDX,  version 2.1.

Thank you for your help!

Kate Stewart,  on behalf of the spdx-tech team.