Announce: Supply Chain Mini-Summit on October 8 in Dublin

Kate Stewart

For those interested in improving the automated tracking of copyright, licensing and security information
in the supply chain, we've managed to get a Supply Chain mini-summit added on after LinuxCon on 
October 8th.

9:00 - Intro to Supply Chain mini-summit (Kate Stewart)
9:05 - Overview of OpenChain, goals and status. (Dave Marr)
9:20 - Overview of SPDX project, review of 2.0 and plans for 2.1 (Phil Odence)
9:35 - Debsources as a community curated DB of copyright and license information (Stephano Zaccharoli)
10:20 - break
10:30 - DoSOCS - integrating security with license compliance (Sai Uday Shankar Korlimarla)
11:15 - OpenChain working session on the checklist (Dave Marr)
13:15 - lunch break
14:30 - Group brainstorming session on ways to improve automation around open source license compliance and tracking of relevant security information. (Kate to facilitate)
17:00 - wrap up and next steps

Event Details
Date: Thursday, October 8 
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Location: Liffey Meeting Room 3
Cost: Free for LinuxCon + Cloud Open + ELC Europe attendees
Register: RSVP Here

Hope you see there,