1.2 and BoF Report

Philip Odence

It's official, 1.2 is up.  Again, huge thanks to all who contributed. Credit Mark Gisi with finding this apt quote:

“people throw stones at you and you turned them into milestones”

             ― Sachin Tendulkar (Ted Williams of Cricket)

I had a good BoF session with folks from Intel, Qualcomm, HP, Orange, Valeo, and others. There were about 12 including a reporter from Munich. I thought this was a terrific turnout given that it was at the end of a long day and directly competed with the beer/wine and appetizers.I went through a presentation, but it was much more of a discussion and there was healthy discussion of just about every slide; we went for an hour and could have gone longer. At least a couple of the participants indicated enough interest to get involved and help. We'll see.