SPDX License List v1.19 is now live!!

Jilayne Lovejoy <lovejoylids@...>

SPDX License List version 1.19 has been released!

The website pages at http://spdx.org/licenses/ has been updated and the download of the SPDX License List can now be found here: http://git.spdx.org/?p=license-list.git;a=summary

Here's a summary of changes over v1.18 (which is also summarized in the last column of the spreadsheet):
- 4 new licenses: 
  1. Artistic-1.0-cl8
  2. Artistic-1.0-Perl
  3. IBM-pibs
  4. SISSL-1.2
  5. Unlicense

- 1 license removed: 
  1. Ruby  --> in reviewing a newer version of Ruby License (where the notice regarding the disjunctive license choice changed from GPLv2 or Ruby to BSD-2-clause or Ruby) it was noticed there are also variations in the substantive text of the license.  The current situation (with how Ruby is listed on the SPDX License List) means we have text for the older version and link to the current version, which only adds to potential confusion/ambiguity in that people will continue to use that short identifier perhaps incorrectly.  The SPDX Legal Team is researching the variations and communicating with Ruby to come to an accurate way to represent the different license variations. (In other words, Ruby License will be put back on the SPDX License List in the near future, but in a more accurate and complete way than it had been.)
- Differences in Artistic License 1.0 variations accounted for in Notes field
- PHP-3.0 license text updated (was duplicate with PHP-3.01 previously)
- "v1.1" added to full name of SISSL (due to addition of SISSL-1.2)
- W3C - full name corrected
.odt and .xls formats of the SPDX License List spreadsheet are included in the git repo download.

Jilayne Lovejoy
SPDX Legal Team lead