towards a new version of ninka.


hi everybody,

if you use ninka, this might be useful to you.

With the help of Armijn i have been cleaning up some regressions and
improved some licenses.

The new code is now in the github repo:

- Renamed InterACPILic to IntelACPILic
- Renamed openSSLvar2 to Apachev1.0
- Split QtorGPLv2orv3exception to QtorGPLv2orv3 from the exception
- Better detection fo GPL lcienses
- BSD and MIT spdx licenses detected (prefixed with spdx ie. spdxBSD3)
- Added a bunch of licenses...

unless I find some major problems, I will release a new version in few


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between presuming an opinion to be
true, because, with every opportunity
for contesting it, it
has not been refuted,
and assuming its truth for the purpose
John Stuart Mill -> of not permitting its refutation. "
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