Minutes for SPDX General Meeting on 9 Aug 2012

Manbeck, Jack



Minutes for the meeting are posted here: http://www.spdx.org/wiki/20120809-general-meeting-minutes





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I have had an urgent trip arise and will be out of the office. Jack Manbeck has kindly offered to host. 


Also, with the new website, I have not been able to figure out how to post meeting minutes, so they are included at the bottom and I will migrate them to the website at a later date.



Meeting Time: Aug 9, 8am PST / 10 am CST / 11am EST / 15:00 UTC. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Conf call dial-in:
Conference code:  7812589502
Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada):  (877) 435-0230
International dial-in number: (253) 336-6732
For those dialing in from other regions, a list of toll free numbers can be found: 



Administrative Agenda


Approve Minutes- SEE BELOW


Technical Team Report - Kate

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

Business Team Report – Jack/Scott


Cross Functional Issues

Website Update



Minutes from July 26 Meeting



Phil Odence, Black Duck

Ibrahim Haddad, Linux Foudnation

Pierre Lapointe, nexB

Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck

Scott Lamons, HP

Adam Cohn, Cisco

Kamyer Emami, Protecode

Steve Cropper, Cisco


Ibrahim joined for the first time. He is in charge of technical and legal initiatives for the Linux Foundation and taken on the role of LF project coordinator for SPDX. He should be a big help.


Business Team Report

The panel discussion for LinuxCon will be lead by Scott and will include Kate, Jilayne and Jack representing respective teams. He's also recruited Matt Germonprez from U Nebraska to talk about his FOSSology/SPDX work.

Scott is working with LF on a press release about V1.1 to be released at LinuxCon.


Tech Team

Still working 2.0 use cases and trying to wrap up 1.1.

Face to Face will continue use case discussion.


Legal Team 

There has been discussion about how to recruit companies to get involved. And there's a sense that companies are concerned about commitment required to be involved with SPDX.



Plan was to cut over to new site as of the 28th (and it was subsequently executed).