Linux Collaboration Summit & SPDX Forum Follow Up / Announcements

Philip Odence

Collaboration Summit
Our meetings at the Collaboration Summit were very successful, we got some good exposure with the keynote panel I lead (with Scott Lamons, Steve Cropper, Jack Manbeck and Mark Gisi) and with Mark's very engaging presentation in the legal track. There were also 1.5 days of SPDX working meetings which helped us to advance the cause in ways that are simply impossible on the phone. The chairs will report back their respective teams on some of the details of those discussions.

SPDX Forum
After the Collaboration Summit, the SPDX group headed to south for very successful SPDX Forum. Thanks again to Cisco for hosting and WindRiver for sponsoring. 61 people signed up and something like 55 actually showed; well more than half were first timers getting involved, some having heard about SPDX for the first time in aforementioned keynote. Significant numbers of new folks came from Juniper, VMWare and Broadcom. Most of the new participants were lawyers, reflecting, perhaps, that we did a good job publicizing with local legal groups. Some of the participants literally never heard of SPDX before the Collaboration Summit.

Mark Radcliffe kicked off, setting the stage regarding challenges. We then broke up into groups to talk about the supply chain challenges that the new participants face. Kirsten and I took the stage for an introduction to SPDX . Then we broke up into groups again in which current members talked about their vision for use of SPDX. Groups were lead by WindRiver, Cisco, HP and TI (am I forgetting anyone?). We finished with some short discussions about legal topics and a how to get involved session.

On the whole, it was a great success and as a consequence, you'll definitely be hearing some new voices on all the calls.

Kim Weins will be leaving SPDX and her position as Chair of the Business Team as she pursues other interests outside of open source and compliance. The Forum success was largely thanks to her efforts, and that's just one example of the energy and passion she's brought to the job. We will greatly miss her contributions and, of course, wish her all the best. The good news is Jack Manbeck from TI and Scott Lamons from HP are taking the reins of the Business Team and are committed to keep the momentum going. Please think about marketing folks from your organizations we could sign up as they could really help with driving adoption.

Less significantly, but good news, SPDX is now a registered trademark in the US, so going forward we will designate it as SPDX(R) or SPDX®. I am in the process of updating the standard slide deck and the web team will be make sure we are good there. If you notice old TM symbols on new content going forward, please let me know.