SPDX Update

Philip Odence

SPDX Community,

As most of you know, the Linux Foundation web properties were victim to a very sophisticated attack from which the Foundation is nearly recovered. The time it has taken to recover is reflective of how seriously the Foundation took has taken the incident. They have been pretty much 100%, 7 days a week focused on putting back in place a super-hardened infrastructure to avoid the issue in the future. Finally, SPDX and our mailing lists are back in action. Thanks for your patience. 

This has obviously been a big hit to SPDX progress. Amazingly, some good work has gotten done over the last couple months, hurdles notwithstanding. Now it's time to get a back on track. To get momentum ramped up, we need everyone individually to dive back in; please take 30 seconds to get yourself psyched up. First order of business is for each of the teams to create a report on current status and next steps, which we will circulate to the General list. Otherwise it's business as usual on our old normal schedule.

An elephant in the room is: How do we avoid this in the future? As companies become committed to SPDX, they will also become dependent on our on-line assets. In this sense, the timing of the incident could have been much worse. Let's take it as a wakeup call that we need to ensure we have a reliable site. Given the work that the LF has done, there's a good chance that the new platform and processes are sufficiently secure and reliable for our needs. We are in the midst of discussions with the Linux Foundation to verify that the new infrastructure can meet our needs in the future.

To help everyone sync'ed, below is the ongoing schedule. Looking forward to reconnecting and once again moving forward.

Best wishes,

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