No SPDX General one Sept 8

Philip Odence

To let everyone catch a late summer breath in the wake of the V1.0 release, we'll not be holding a general meeting this week.

LinuxCon SPDX Summary
It was a great event. The main focus was the 20th anniversary of Linux, but despite that, the first slide of Jim Zemlin's opening was the SPDX 1.0 announcement. Several hours before that, we put out a press release (well done, Kim) with a number of great quotes from the community. Rockett and I presented details of the 1.0 release to a group of about 40 and the news was well received. As you know we had a booth; none of the booths were terribly active, but we did have folks stop by the SPDX booth each day. We also had a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session with about a dozen participants. A few issues came up in that session which we will be discussing in the various teams. The main thrusts of the discussion were around hierarchy/nesting of SPDX files and licensing of the data. On the latter point, there was concern about the unfamiliarity of the PDDL, and that it would impede adoption.
Again, congrats to everyone who contributed to the 1.0 release…onward and upward.