ANNOUNCE: #spdx channel on Freenode IRC server, now available. #spdx

Kate Stewart <kate.stewart@...>

Have just finished setting up a #spdx IRC channel on freenode, to be
used for ongoing SPDX project communication and collaboration.
Was just going to send this to the tech list, but realized its more
generally useful, as well. So, apologies for the multiple copies of
this message in some of your in boxes.

Its hoped that this will provide a useful resource for more informal
discussion on the SPDX project (specification, tools, guidelines for
usage, etc.). Guidelines for how to use the channel can be found:

For those unfamiliar with using IRC communication, you can access
freenode and the #spdx channel through a web interface, if you don't
have an IRC client installed on your system.

Go to:

Nickname: choose a nickname so folks know who is talking.
Channels: #spdx
enter in the reCAPTCHA in the space provided
then press Connect --> and that should let you start participating.

I've added #spdx to the list of channels I monitor daily, so if you
want to ask me a quick question, IRC channels are a good place for that
sort of thing. You may also find them useful for collaborating with
other members on specific projects.

Hope you find this useful,