Agenda for 18 November SPDX Call

Philip Odence

Meeting Time: Nov18, 8am PDT / 10 am CDT / 11am EDT / 16:00 UTC.

Conf call dial-in:
Conference code:  7812589502
Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada):  (877) 435-0230
International dial-in number: (253) 336-6732
For those dialing in from other regions, a list of toll free numbers can be found:
Note, we will be using a different URL for each meeting for purposes of taking attendance. When you login PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME IN THIS FORM: Phil Odence, Black Duck Software so I can just copy/paste into minutes. THX.

Administrative Agenda
Outreach and evangelism:
Common Messaging/Presentation – PhilO
Industry Venues – PhilR
Website – PhilO/Martin (defer to Org Structure discussion)
Roll Out Update - KimW/JohnE
Legal Update - Rockett
SPDX Group Organizational Structure - PhilO
Action Items
Note: Drafting related action items are embedded in the Wiki.
• Dave - Clean up the WIKI to only have analysis visible that reflects current spec.  ON HOLD FOR MARTIN TO PROVIDE PRIVS; SHOULD BE UNDERWAY
• Dave/JeffL - Update zlib based on new specification  DONE, BUT AWAITING FEEDBACK
• PeterW- Implement issue tracking system.  BLOCKED ON KATE
• Kate - submit ids to Linux Foundation so infrastructure setup can proceed - PENDING
• Kate- Draft example for LF Member Counsel; include XML and corresponding spreadsheet (or spreadsheet-like) format. PENDING
• Phil R - Update Industry Events. IN PROCESS
• Rockett- Mail out trademark policy draft to SPDX list. WAITING FOR SIGNOFF BY LF
• Rockett- Query status of trademark application TBD
• Kim- Send out invite for next licensing meeting. DONE. WILL INCLUDE FOLKS FROM DEBIAN.
• All- Review 6 months mail and contrast against licensing group spreadsheet. FOR NEXT LICENSE GRP MEETING
• All- If you can't attend meeting, post feedback/vote to list on 5.6/5.7 proposals. FOR TECH AGENDA NXT MTG.
• Kate- Write up formal proposal on SHA field change and mail to list. IN PROCESS
• All- Review SHA field change proposal for technical flaws; if so, discuss on list. FOR TECH AGENDA NXT MEETING
• Kate- Add back to SPEC page in WIKI preferred syntax for adding comments. TBD

Technical Agenda
Spec Status Update- Kate
License Group Update- Kim
RDF Group Update- Bill
Resolution on recommendation of proposal 2 by RDF team
[1]: <>
[2]: <>
Repository Changes- Kate

L. Philip Odence
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