Technical team recommendation regarding file provenance proposals

Peter Williams <peter.williams@...>

The two open, overlapping, proposals for showing the provenance of files in an SPDX document are up for approval at the next SPDX full group meeting. Proposal 2010-10-21-2 [1] proposes adding optional 'Project' and 'ProjectURL' properties to File objects. Proposal 2010-10-21-3 [2] proposes adding an optional 'ArtifactOf' property, whose value is a DOAP project, to File objects.

After careful consideration the technical team recommends proposal 2010-10-21-3 [2] (the proposal for an optional 'ArtifactOf' property) be accepted by the full SPDX group. The technical team also recommends that proposal 2010-10-21-2 [1] be rejected due to its redundancy with the changes in proposal 2010-10-21-3 [2].


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