Update from OWF

Kim Weins

Sorry this is a little late, although I shared some of this data on previous calls.

The SPDX presentation at OWF went well.  We had about 40 people or so, and most of them stayed an hour over the allotted time to discuss.  There was a lot of interest and positive feedback on the whole idea of SPDX.  Much of the discussion centered around some of the challenges we might face when it rolls out.

The issues raised were mostly around whether this would be harder/easier for the OSS communities and Linux distros to produce an SPDX file for their projects.  We talked about the need for tooling to help automate this.  We also said that usage may start with companies who then start using SPDX files with their supply chains.  That in turn may incent OSS communities to adopt SPDX.

There was also some discussion about the issue of SPDX files becoming “out of date” as soon as any change was made to the underlying code or anytime there was a new release.  We pointed out that information in the SPDX file could stay the same for many files, assuming that not all files in the distro had changed.

Martin & Phillipe Ombredanne may be able to add to this.


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