Some feedback I've received on the latest draft

Ciaran Farrell


here is some feedback I received recently - I'm not sure how much of it is
(still) relevant.


Page 4: 1.1 typo? "to share + and component"

Page 7: 2.2.7 stray capitalization? LicenseFInd

Page 14: 4.1.3 and 4.2.3 cardinality mandatory single instance

This seems incorrect, as the nonstandard license field is optional and needed
only in case a nonstandard license is present.

"Should be present if" cannot map to "cardinality mandatory" in the common use
of the term mandatory, which implies always, without if ands or buts.

Page 16: section 5

Cardinality mandatory is again used here, but the file list is not present in
the tomcat examples on the site (nor, in my opinion, should be -- making the
file list mandatory means making supplying these descriptions needlessly
harder. DOAP does not include mandatory file lists and it is the better for
it, so neither should SPDX).


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