LinuxCon2010 - BOF minutes - 2010/08/11


Minutes - 2010/08/11 LinuxCon2010 Boston SPDX BOF

Current status:
- need to focus on goals for next 3 months
- rollout, shadows for data.
- mail list transfering to spdx@... with
self subscription to mail list now possible, and
public archives.
- package-facts@... now depreciated,
mail list there will remain private, per original

Web site overview:
- site design is still evolving, participation welcome.
- log in to comment on wiki etc.
- anyone can blog on site, and postings on topic welcome.
- presentation material available on site for outreach support.
- AI: Phil/Martin - update on participation page where to join
(suggestion was to put link in text, not just at top,
consider "I want to use the spec, vs. I want to contribute
to the spec).
- AI: Kate to transfer document (.pdf) back to WIKI.
- AI: Phil update standard presentation with LinuxCon2010 input
- AI: Kate clean up the sharing analysis to what is accurate
- AI: Kate publish the current version number of the specification
in brackets behind reference.

- License Discussion:
- Look at Fedora's approach as a single page.
Example license text - canonical form.
Good from tooling perspective. Suck info off the pages.
HTML at low technical level is easy. RDF?
- see licenses table.
- Used License Text - uses tag to identify in page
Fedora provide notes, and canonical text.
- For SPDX problem is where store templated version?
Suggestion is to use come up with standardized naming
of the sections, and embed the text of the licence
"template" version, so it shows up on the "official"
license page. (example to consider, verify that BSD
hasn't been modified and do it with a template).
- Fields to put on each "web license WIKI page"
- short form name
- long form name
- link to formal license
- notes on license
- full license text
- template version
- Note: need to figure out and document how to add a license
(ie. When you add a license - 1) create separate page;
raw template text, user visible text - here's out how
embed this text. etc.)
- AI: Tom to define a proposal for user front page.
Decide section names to correspond to spec
- AI: Group: discuss further following questions:
- what does it mean to be "on the list" for a license.
- what is it going to take to add and maintain a license.
- Consider when english isn't spoken language?
(what can be translated, what can't, work into template)

- roll out - operational aspects
- what do we want to get accomplished?
- divy out and how get accomplished?
- Target to have spec at 1.0 in 2010Q4
- What are building blocks needed?
Consider: documenting tooling; training; how to use.....
- Strong feeling one shot to get this right, want
free and comercial tool support available for supply chain.
- AI: Kim & John to work on operationalize plan.
(including a date can tell supply chain people?
GOAL is understand a date to have industry
changing/financially impacting. Tie to next LinuxCon??)