Re: Using SPDX for firmware

Richard Hughes

On 12 August 2015 at 17:40, Kate Stewart <kstewart@...> wrote:
Is at:
Its available from the page
On the link is marked as ...

"LicenseRef-"<insert your favorite identifier for it here>
Right, I wasn't sure if LicenseRef-proprietary was correct as
proprietary isn't really a licence to use something, more of a
statement of reservation of rights. I guess we need some more
information there about when it's legal to use the firmware and under
what circumstances. I'm thinking about something like
for the Raspberry Pi firmware.

So in the example - using something like
"LicenseRef-proprietary" is fine as an identifier,
(as would be LicenseRef-proprietary-1, or
License-Ref-ACME-proprietary-firmware, etc.)
Right, I'll add that information to the AppStream parser, thanks.

as long as there's the definition somewhere
Where and how would I define this? In the AppStream metadata format itself?

Agree - if you can line up with using "LicenseRef-" prefix infront of any
you need to create, it will permit more automatic recognition down the
Right. I'll have to handle LicenseRef prefixes in the software center
explicitly; at the moment we show a clickable link from each
application showing them the licence text.

The alternative could to have also a catch-all "non-free" or "proprietary"
license ID in SPDX indeed.
Probably this is a discussion for the legal list, as to whether they want
to permit this? Concern point is that it won't give enough information
when there are multiple non-free licenses present.
Right, this makes my life easier, but doesn't sit 100% with the idea
of an SPDX licence in itself. I suppose in the RPi example above it
would have to be something ugly like
or maybe "LicenseRef-RaspberryPi AND LicenseRef-NoModification" or
even "LicenseRef-"
although I know I'm pushing things here. Better ideas welcome.


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