Zero Clause BSD (0BSD)

Rob Landley <rob@...>

I'm told I should contact you about registering Toybox's "zero clause
bsd" license for an official 0BSD acronym/abbreviation.

The license text itself (paragraphs 2 and 3 here):

Is 2 clause BSD with the removal of half a sentence:

This simplification makes the license function as a public domain
license (such as or creative commons zero), specifically
it means that combining works from multiple sources allows the license
text to collapse together, so you don't wind up with nonsense such as
Android's dozens of concatenated license copies for toolbox:

(I asked why they had multiple copies of _identical_ license text, and
they said the copyright dates had changed so a strict reading of the
"copy exactly" part of the license meant... Don't laugh, the
"about->license" pulldown in the kindle paperwhite has over _300_pages_
of this nonsense. It's a chronic issue with bsd-alikes.)

So yeah, zero clause BSD. In toybox. Is there a form I should fill out?


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