Help Wanted for Successful Rollout of SPDX

Kim Weins

Hello Everyone,

The SPDX team is hard at  work on completing the spec and nailing down all of the license details.  To make sure we are successful in getting SPDX accepted and adopted, we are working on a rollout plan that will cover all of those “non-spec” items, including documentation, training, websites, beta program, marketing, etc.

There is a lot to do, so we will need your help and the help of others at your company.  Please review the attached slides, and let us know if you can help.  We are especially looking for the types of skills listed below – although don’t let it hold you back if this is not your “official” job title.  If you are willing to help, we can use you.  Keep in mind that your level of contribution can  vary — from a one time effort to a few hours a week.  If you, or someone at your company, can contribute time to help in any of these areas, please respond to either me or the mailing list and let me know what skills you have available and how much time you can spend.  We will start to put together our list of volunteers for the rollout team.  

We are also planning a face to face meeting for the Rollout Team – tentatively scheduled for Nov 16-17 (Location TBD).  At this meeting we will be fleshing out the Rollout plan, assigning tasks, and planning milestones.  If you want to help with the Rollout, we’d love to have you attend.


Skills needed
Website content/design
Training development
Marketing/Product marketing/Product management
Project management

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